Plan Prepare Protect

This website provides information for members of the public to help them to plan and prepare to protect themselves and their properties in the event of a flood.

Before During and After a Flood

Information for members of the public on how to protect themselves and their property from flooding by correctly planning, and preparing for flood events.

Flooding in Ireland

Floods are a natural and inevitable part of life in Ireland. They are usually caused by a combination of events including overflowing river banks, coastal storms or blocked or overloaded drainage ditches. Numerous severe floods have occurred throughout the country in the last decade.

Floods only present a risk however when people, property, the environment and our cultural heritage can be potentially damaged. Through the right measures we can reduce their likelihood and limit their impacts.


The Office of Public Works (OPW) is co-ordinating Ireland’s whole of Government approach to flood risk management across three strategic and policy areas:

  • Prevention: e.g. avoiding construction in flood-prone areas.
  • Protection: e.g. taking feasible measures, both structural and non-structural, to reduce the likelihood and impact of floods.
  • Preparedness: e.g. informing the public about dealing with flood risk and a flood.

Public Awareness

Individuals and communities can reduce the impact of a flood by taking the time to prepare in advance.  This website aims to provide practical help to homeowners and businesses that may be at risk from flooding.  It also provides information on who can help during a flood event.

The Office of Emergency Planning runs an annual Be Winter Ready campaign which provides practical advice for coping during severe weather events.  Information is available at and updates will be provided on Twitter @emergencyIE during severe weather events.

The Office of Public Works has published flood maps that show areas at risk and these maps are available at  Further information about the OPW and Flood Risk Management activities in Ireland is available at

Met Éireann provide a weather warnings alert service which is available on the Met Éireann app or through its website

Flooding Facts

Here are some facts which show just how dangerous a flood can be:

  • As little as 300mm of fast-flowing water can move most cars off the road.
  • Just 150mm of fast-flowing water can knock you off your feet.

Further information is available at Flooding Facts.

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